An estimated 20 to 40% of UK fruit and vegetables are rejected before they even reach the shops - sometimes there is no market value for them but mostly they do not match the excessively strict cosmetic standards of supermarkets.

ReHarvest is a social enterprise based on reducing foodwaste in Scotland while increasing employment. We go to nearby farms, harvest what would be left behind, then make and sell those products such as pesto. We reinvest the profits back into the business, and hope as the business grows to be able to train and employ unemployed individuals.

Our big mission is to reduce food waste. But we also hope to create an enterprise that benefits everyone involved; the farmers who’s food is used for what it was grown for – human consumption, our female co-workers who benefit from the employment and experience and our customers who will be eating healthy locally produced products, made from food that would otherwise have gone to waste.


We welcome any project ideas, if you have any ideas then please submit them here and we will be in touch.




                              Moda. X


Moda. X is a social project that focuses on the promotion and creation of sustainable fashion by emphasizing collaboration between students and the local community