The gap between the employment rate of disabled and able-bodied people is disproportionately wide, currently standing at 30%. 53.7% of disabled working age individuals are unemployed, with disabled people being three times as likely not to hold any qualifications compared to able-bodied individuals.

employABILITY is a project based around helping those with disabilities in Fife gain skills and access to opportunities to make them more employable. The work we do ranges from CV checks to workshops to networking with businesses to find opportunities for our beneficiaries. This year we plan on scaling up the project and for this we will need a variety of team roles filled as well enthusiastic and dedicated mentors to work one on one with our beneficiaries.

Whilst there is a significant gap in the rate of employment between disabled and able-bodied people, there is no such gap in their ability. The aim of this project is to ensure that employers recognise this, and that awareness barriers are broken down in the wider community.


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